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Support For Parents

Advisory & Consultative Services

  • Educational Records Review
  • Test Results Interpretation
  • Consultation Regarding Potential Evaluations
  • PPT/IEP Meeting Preparation / Coaching
  • Educational Advocacy: Consultation & Coaching

It is not unusual for parents to have a difficult time understanding learning, psychological or psychiatric conditions. Many parents are unsure if, when or how they should take action. Still others may want and need to advocate for their teens but lack the confidence and skills to do so.

I believe that parents are always their child’s best advocate and with the proper knowledge and coaching, they can usually obtain the support their student needs.

  1. I use an easy to understand approach to help parents understand concepts related to underachievement e.g. disability designations, educational records, standardized test scores and psychological or psychiatric test results.
  2. I help parents negotiate the often frustrating bureaucracy and procedures of their school system.
  3. I help parents determine whether costly, psychological or neuropsychological evaluation is necessary
  4. I educate, coach and support parents as they prepare to participate at 504, PPT, IEP and other school meetings

Psychoeducational consultation and coaching will help you become more comfortable and knowledgeable with unfamiliar technical information and more confident representing your concerns at school meetings.

  • Educational Records Review
  • Test Results Interpretation
  • Recommendations re: Potential Evaluations
  • IEP Meeting Preparation / Coaching
  • Advocacy Consultation/ Coaching